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Oud Oil

Silani Ravana

Inspired by the legend of Ramayana, we are proud to introduce you the Silani Ravana Oud Oil. Distilled primarily with high quality chips harvested from Ratnapura, Sri Lanka. Expose yourself to a magical history of Sri Lankan Heritage and untold legends.


What is Silani Oud?

Located in the heart of the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka is the home to a significant Agarwood Species known as Gyrinops Walla, locally known as Wallapatta. Unlike other species of Agarwood, Wallapatta does not come from the genus Aquilaria, but from the genus Gyrinops. Due to its rarity and lack of research conducted in the past...

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Achieving Exceptional Quality

Pintanna Oud was an idea, born from a passionate planter. And his love for nature inspired the Pintanna Project to take a different path compared to any other Oud distiller.


For the first time ever, we built a 100% sustainable production process which was unrivaled by any other.

Our methods of distilling combined nature and craftsmanship to create a unique process that improved our quality tenfold.

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