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About Pintanna Oud (Pvt) Ltd

The Project Pintanna

It was back in 2009 when Deshabandu Kumar Dharmasena was given few Agarwood seeds by a well established Agarwood Plantation owner in India. By that time,  Mr. Dharmasena was already an owner of a large estate in Ratnapura where he planted Tea, Rubber, Cinnamon and Pepper.

Out of Curiosity, his family planted these seeds and within few weeks they sprouted...marking the beginning of the Pintanna Project. The Pintanna Project was initiated to discover the true value of Agarwood, and not just any Agarwood...but a unique species of Agarwood known as Gyrinops Walla which is endemic to Sri Lanka.

From 2009 to 2020, Mr. Dharmasena and his family planted more and more Agarwood across their Pintanna Estate and researched on the art of Distilling Oud Oil.

In 2020, Mr. Dharmasena received the license from the Sri Lankan Government to become the first and only legal exporter of Agarwood. During the same year, he established his first company Pintanna Plantations (Pvt) Ltd. and constructed Sri Lanka's first ever Oud Oil Distilling Factory.

In 2021, he established his second company Pintanna Oud (Pvt) Ltd. dedicated for the exportation of Agarwood products to the world.

Pintanna Estate

Pintanna Estate is located in Ayagama-Ratnapura, spanning over more than 300 acres. Moreover, there are several other neighbouring estates owned by Pintanna, Dedicated to cultivate Agarwood Trees.

In these estates, we cultivate more than 75,000 Agarwood trees along with other plants such as Tea, Rubber, Cinnamon and Pepper.

Oud Oil Distillation Factory

Pintanna owns Sri Lanka's first and only Oud Oil Distillation Factory, constructed with cutting edge technology and centuries old methods, there are more than 60 large vessels cooking oil every day and more than 200 employees dedicating to manufacture liquid gold!

The factory includes a research laboratory, Rain water harvesting roofs, water cooling system for vessels as well a Natural Water Supply from nearby water streams.

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