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  • Silani Cobra Oud Oil was the beginning of Pintanna, the first ever oil distilled by us. As our founder was a lover of animalistic perfumes, our very first oil was distilled to produce stronger and sharp notes.


    The top note hits you with a powerful wave of Animalistic notes and a bit of barnyard, but not the kind that ruins your aura and gives you a headache, but an incredible wave of aroma that will surround you and embrace you. The heart notes throw you into a rainy forest with earthy notes, wet wood and moss. The leather note kicks in as you go deeper and deeper into its aromatic sensation. The base note calms your senses with Sweet Dark Oud. We named the oil after the mighty Cobra, because it really deserves a sharp introduction, it’s not your everyday perfume, it’s a unique experience only the best oud enthusiasts can enjoy!


    Distillation Method: Steam Distillation

    Aura: Powerful, Rugged, Aphrodisiac

    Silani Cobra Oud Oil

    • Animalistic, Moss, Wet Wood, Earthy, Sweet,Barnyard, Dark Oud

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