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  • We distilled this special Oil keeping in mind the natural beauty of Sri Lanka especially the dried lands of North. We wanted to embrace the earth, the soil and the wind. The result was a magnificent Oud Oil! The moment you release its aroma to your olfactory, it introduces itself with petrichor and a little bit of sweetness that is unique to the Sri Lankan Oud Oil. As you dive into its aromatic experience, within few seconds you discover its specialty, the Citrus note. The heart note will hint you with nuances of rugged leather. This pungency will last and as it fades away you find the origin of Silani Oud, the woody note.


    Distillation Method: Water Distillation (Gas-Powered)

    Aura: Serene, Desert, Rustic

    Silani Junglefowl Oud Oil

    • Petrichor, Earthy, Citrus, Dried Leaves, Leather, Woody

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