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  • The Peacock Oud oil, famously known as Green Oud Oil is a true legend among every Oud enthusiast. Its conspicuous emerald green tone, drives it to the top of the high-end grade Oud oil. It’s Projection of collective fragrances resembles the multiethnic beauty of Sri Lanka, a true paradise. The moment you expose the oil to the air, it will spread around zestfully sharing its colorful fragrances with you.


    The Silani Peacock utilizes this characteristic to carry an overflowing package of aroma. The patchouli note will hit you first with a burst of oceanic breeze and immediately cooling down your olfactory to bring forth its diverse aromas. Second comes a unique Wallapatta signature, a sweet earthy tone that reminds you the Rain Forests near Adams Peak. Finally, the herbal tone takes it turn to offer you a calm Zen feeling that will last for hours.


    Distillation Method: Water Distillation (Gas-Powered)
    Aura: Spiritual, Oceanic, Winter

    Silani Peacock Oud Oil

    • Herbal, Oceanic Breeze, Sweet, Patchouli, Minty, Grass

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