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  • The legend of Ramayana is a story that is still admired by many. But we took a unique perspective to admire the character that was portraited as the antagonist of the story. King Ravana was a dominating king who once ruled the island of Ceylon. His combat skills were unrivaled and many feared his sword.


    Inspired by his untold story, we blended the perfect mixture of Incense Grade Chips with Sinking Grade Oil, with the longest cooking time we have ever done to introduce you…Silani Ravana Oud Oil.


    Dive into the beautiful dimension of spice and fruitiness of Silani Oud, with fine notes of leather and musk that introduces depth to the oil. Ravana Oud Oil has the ability to shift its aroma from spiceness to fruitiness from its conversion from top note to base note. Its deep aroma will ensure to dominate every other smell where ever you go.


    Distillation Method: Hydro Distillation (Electric-Powered)

    Aura: Predominance, Royal, Complex

    Silani Ravana Oud Oil

    • Spicy, Earthy, Fruity, Musky, Oceanic Breeze, Sweet

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