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Production Process

Wild Oud Harvesting

We own the permits to legally harvest Wild Oud from various locations across the island. Our expert team is always on the lookout to discover Wild Trees in privately owned lands across Sri Lanka. The team first thoroughly inspects each and every tree to make sure it is up to our quality standards and harvests the resinated areas.

They are then transported to our factory where we begin the production process. We are always reassuring our authenticity and the quality of our Wild Oud products by maintaining a transparent process. At our estates, we also grow thousands of Cultivated Agarwood in various species such as Aquilaria Crassna & Aquilaria Subintegra. However, these trees are yet be harvested in the near future.

Oud Oil Distilling

We are proud to have a very skilled team of Artisans that dedicates their craftsmanship to produce premium grade Oud Oils. We specialize in distilling pure oud oil, where the aroma is tweaked purely through the distillation methods. We own a large number of Hydro Distillation Vessels along with few Steam Distillation vessels where the magic happens.

Our factory is Organically Certified by the Control Union of Sri Lanka. Every single drop of oil is distilled with purified natural water that comes from a nearby water stream in our Estate. Moreover, we follow a strict guideline on our manufacturing process to ensure you utilize safe products.

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