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History of Silani Oud

Silani Oud Discovered

Silani Oud was discovered centuries ago by Ceylonese kings who ruled the island of Sri Lanka. Though they didn't truly understand its multifaceted value, it was used as an aromatic resin for spiritual activities.

International Trading

During the 4th century Fa-Hien; a well known Chinese traveler mentions about wealthy resellers of Oud coming from Oman and Hadramaout that also traded Silani Oud. It is believed that the word "Silani" was coined as a result of these tradings which helped traders to introduce this different species of Oud.


As times passed most traders saw the potential and poured into the paradise island of Ceylon(Sri Lanka) and secretly transported Oud. Furthermore, around the 6th century Cosmas Indicopleustes; a Greek geographer recalls massive tradings of Silani Oud to China and Middle East.

Sri Lankan Legends and Silani Oud

Many Sri Lankan legends hints us the use of aromatic resins for religious and spiritual activities. Some even used it for medicinal purposes as well. Legends such as the Ramayana, the story of Queen Viharamahadevi, story of Kuweni and many other legends teaches us the value of this magnificent tree as it was hinted in them. Since, many traders saw the true value of Silani Oud, they did their best to hide it from the local Kings and this could be the reason behind the lack of information of Silani Oud in the known history of Sri Lanka.

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