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  • Centuries ago, there lived a valorous queen in the island of Ceylon named Vihara Maha Devi, son of King Kelanitissa. During her lifetime she dedicated her life to protect her nation and stand up for what is right. Savera is believed to be her birthname that translates to goddess of the night. Back in 2020 we were in discussion to distill and an oil we call a high-risk high reward product, an oil that is furious and subtle, the goddess of the night itself. We tweaked the temperature at a very risky level in order to achieve the expected results. So why take so much of a risk? Well, imagine the sweetest top note you can find in Silani Oud. A touch of Boiled Cashew and a hint of Citrus combined together to bring you the most mesmerizing aroma. For us it reminded the beauty of Queen Savera.


    A woody heart note that redefines each note into a deeper sensation and teasing you for a much stronger aroma at its base. And finally, the base note that introduces the strong earthiness of Silani Oud connected with all of its sweet notes like honey and cola, reminding the heroic character of Queen Savera. At its base note, the citrus dries down into a more cooling woody menthol note with honey glistered all over. The thick texture of the oil helps it last longer on your skin and our organic distillation method will ensure a safe use for anytime and any weather.


    Distillation Method: Hydro Distillation (Electric-Powered)

    Aura: Sublime, Grace, Angelic

    Silani Savera Oud Oil

    • Cashew, Zesty, Cola, Citrus, Earthy, Honey, Musky, Woody, Menthol

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