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Silani Oud Defined

Origins of  "Silani"

"Silani" was coined after the word Ceylon, a name given to the island of Sri Lanka by it's invaders in the Past. It is believed that traders in the past offered Sri Lankan Oud to the Royals of Middle East using this term "Silani" to emphasise that it is found from Ceylon.

This practice was continued, and today Sri Lankan Oud is known to consumers as Silani Oud. The term became so famous that some consumers believe it is the name of the country itself! 

What is Silani?

Silani Oud holds a special place in the world of Agarwood due to its rarity. Agarwood is found commonly in the species called Aquilaria from the family tree of Thymelaeaceae. However, this is not the case for Silani Oud. The original name of Silani Oud is "Gyrinops Walla" and it comes from a species called Gyrinops from the same family tree of Thymelaeaceae.




Gyrinops Walla

Aquilaria and Gyrinops are treated as sister genera since they both produce resinous wood known as aloes. However, Gyrinops Walla(Silani Oud) is not commonly found in the world. In fact it is an endemic genus of Sri Lanka. This Unique type of Oud produces an aroma that has a layers of several notes. Depending on how you distill the oil you can discover leather notes, sweet notes, fruity notes, spice notes, barnyard notes and even notes like minty or patchuli.

Silani Oud also possess its own unique resin structure allowing any oud enthusiast to easily identify it visually. Though there are extremely dark coloured chips of Silani Oud, in the present time it is extremely rare to discover them. Most pieces are slightly dark or brown, however the aroma does not waver.

Why is it so rare?

Silani Oud is only found in the paradise island of Sri Lanka in south asia. But today this species is recognized as a critically endangered species in the world due to illegal poaching across the island. Silani Oud is typically known as "Wild Oud" since it is almost never artificially induced. You can find this species naturally grown deep in the jungles near the wet zones of Sri Lanka. Under our Silani Brand name, we offer a range of wild Silani Oud Chips and Oil at its highest quality.

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